We’ve all been there. Searching out a new source of inspiration to motivate you and your team. Today I thought would be a great idea to share with you six ways to keep you Motivated. Starting a business can be a bit overwhelming.

One day you’re watching television and your mind starts to drift off.  You begin to think of the progress, performance, upcoming events of your new business.   Setbacks are common for business ventures and they might make you feel discouraged.   We can start to feel like maybe this was the wrong idea for your purpose that they had chosen.

Running a business can be hard work and tedious at times.  Here’s a cliche if I had a dime for everytime someone doubts in my vision I will be extremely rich. One thing I know and being in business you will never have the support of every single person in your life.

Sometimes we look for appreciation from people close by us as a form of encouragement.  Having the right motivation will also help your business succeed.


Competitive Task

Creating competitive event between employees.  competitive events can really get people motivated.

Family Outings

Take a day off to pick up the kids and do something fun goes camping just simply explore.


A place on the map and fly away get a quick weekend flight to just rest and relax.

Empowerment Event

Check on your social media for any possible events empowerment conferences events that will help motivate someone else. Or simply give you an encouraging word.

Church go to a community service and praise the Lord and seek prayer. Fellowship with the different members that go to that church.

Listen to music

Turn on that Beyonce is set up and twist a little bit with your hands raised in the air.

These are just a few simple ideas that should get you going in the right direction. Why not even tried coming up with some of your own. We all get to a point where we simply need a little extra push to get to our destination.

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