Welcome to She Got Goals, LLC a business designed to help women who aspire to start and grow a small business for success. I’m Karwanna D., a Business and Lifestyle Coach who is very passionate about helping others. Although She’s Got Goals is designed as a service and resource platform for women, we do not by any means turn down men who want to start and grow businesses and see the value in what we do.

Interested in becoming a consultant or topic expert? We have some great coaching packages to choose from with simple payment options to choose from. I will personally coach you to become the expert in your field so that you can learn to leverage your expertise for success.

Specialty Topic Coaching

For Business Coaches & Consultants
$300 5hrs

    Pricing For 1 Topic Only

  • Writing Business Plans
  • How to Project Sales
  • How to Build a Website
  • How to Conduct Market Research
  • A-Z on Small Business Certifications
  • Custom Coaching

Need More Time To Pay? Choose The Simple Installment Plan.