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Getting Certified as a Small Business can significantly grow your revenues

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The Trillion Dollar Secret Revealed

So - What's The Deal?

Did you know that the US government are mandated by law to  set aside a certain percentage of their contract procurement specifically for small businesses? Imagine, every agency on every level of government (local, regional and national) having a pot of money just for you.

Lets just say for example there’s a 6% mandate goal for a $2Million dollar contract to go to small businesses…6% is a lot of money to leave on the table and guess what? If you are not certified, that is what you are unknowingly doing every day.

Corporations have similar set asides as well with their Supplier Diversity programs.

How Do I Get That?

Download the Free e-Book that tells you all about it. Lots of revenues on the table for your small business. Getting Certified is Key

What's The 1st Step?

There are three ways you can approach getting small business certifications for your small business. 

    • DIY For Free

      For us, it’s more important that you get certified than anything else. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I’m sharing industry information that nobody cared to share with me when I got started in business. I had to figure it out on my own and it took me years to learn what this was and how to get involved. That’s why I make it my duty to share with everyone I know. Therefore, if you have the time and know how, we recommend you trying doing it yourself. If you’d rather view other options, we have other ways to help you get certified.

    • DIY with our guidance with the She’s Got Goals mentoring program.

      For only $20/mo you get 30 minutes of free 1 on 1 business consulting, access to all of our e-books for free, periodic newsletters that gives free business tips on business start ups, business funding, business credit, incorporating your business, personal credit tips, lifestyle enhancement tips and more.

  • Let us do it for you for a small fee

    By letting us do it for you, we take away the hassle of trying to figure it all out on your own. It;s a lot of paperwork involved and we can fast track you to generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time. We get you certified while you focus on going after opportunities and growing your business.

    Get Certified

Want to learn a step by step strategy to getting started with government contracts so you can have the complete blueprint on how to do it successfully?

Schedule a complimentary 30 min consultation with my Business Success Team to get started.

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